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I dont care what you think imagegeek , I already told you that.

your the one who thinks the pipe wont move at all and
the only proof you have is the misconceptions of newtons laws.

I dont believe that I want to discuss this any further with either of you.

Paul, I've provided citations from experts in the field - rocket engineers, NASA and mathematicians who specialize in this kind of stuff.

They all say you're full of [censored].

I don't give a crap what you think of my "opinion"; the simple reality is the entierty of the scientific community says you're wrong, the physics support that, and you have not presented one iota of evidence that counters any of those claims - be them mine, or NASA's.

As the saying goes - put up, or shut up1


1 By which I mean, provide evidence that counters the evidence/math in the citations I provided