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first you say the pipe will move , then you say it wont.
now you say it will only move the lenght of the pipe.
which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Please quote where I said something contradictory. I do have a habit of sometimes understating important points, but I am careful to be precise.



you cant give a reason , except that it would break a law.

I wrote out the equations showing it would stop in a recent message. If you evaluate the final expression, you'll find it says momentum=0. Feel free to point out any mistake I made.


why should I keep trying to explain something so simple to a couple of people that cant comprehend it.

You know somebody else who can comprehend it?

This is a forum for science, not politics. In normal life with real world people you can usually get away with just repeating things and insulting people until somebody agrees. But scientific types demand reasons and evidence.