Im thinking of using one of the long balloons that can be
used to make animal shapes with.

put part of a plastic drinking straw inside the balloon
and then roll 1/4 of the balloon back over the other 3/4 of the balloon then glue the balloon to the straw , allow the glue to dry , and maybe put a little tape around the tube area to keep the balloon from pulling away from the straw when I release the air through the straw , and keeping the straw pinched off I will blow up the end that is only 1/4 the balloons length and twist the balloon where the straw is to keep the air from going through the straw , then tie the balloon off.

then I will stretch the 3/4 of the balloon that is not inflated to limber it up.

then let it fly.

but this might not work because the air will be blowing up the other 3/4 of the balloon which will subtract from the force , so then I will probably try to find a long narrow plastic bag to use that can contain the volume of air that will be inside the inflated balloon.

either way I wont be finished by tomorrow because the stores are mostly closed and I wont walk inside a wallmart.

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