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just because YOU dont want it to work will not cause it to not work.

I'd love it to work. But it won't, and I don't much like chasing goals that are certain failures. If you want to take that gamble, then go build it with some sewer pipes and skateboards, it's very cheap and easy. Then collect your Nobel prize. This isn't just a curiosity, this is EARTH SHATTERING!!!


F = m*v

Oops, don't you mean F=ma? I prefer not to dig through all the rest of the calculations trying to fix up the consequences of this.

It's very handy to use impulse in these things. For a constant force applied over time t:
I = F * t
That happens to be equal to the magnitude of the momentum gained by each object. From momentum you can easily get their velocities.


a = 500 kgf / 500 kg

Ouch. This horrible bastardization of units is why it's easy for me to stop bothering to follow. Sure you're probably correct but there's certainly simpler ways to do it. What on earth does a kgf have to do with a machine floating in space? There's no Earth gravity, no weight of a kg up there. Please use consistent units. Even imperial ones, as long as they satisfy equations like F=ma and v=d/t. Your above equation subtly has acceleration in units of g.


result = 500 kg ----- pushing the -----> weights
result = 500 kg <---- pushing the ----- pipe

Could you please just step through it with numbered bullet points and simple headings to say what happens when? Is it something like this?

All speeds measured relative to the pipe.
1. Railgun accelerates a 20kg mass up to 1m/s
2-10. Same again for other masses
11. Other railgun decelerates the first mass to 0.
12-20. Same again for other masses
21. Same railgun accelerates the first mass to -1m/s.
22-30. Same again for other masses


Railguns have reaction forces pushing the pipe the opposite way. I didn't see that mentioned in your post.


because you probably dont think that anything can
travel faster than 186,000.00 miles per second.

Are you trying to start another fight? Yes I do think that, and I also think we can all fly round on magic carpets. I'm right because I say so. You can't prove me wrong without relying on established knowledge that was fed to you by the evil jews who are controlling the world and its oil.