just using a loop to create buttons is easy.

but can you use the following to change the information
in the properties of any chosen button.

suppose someone clicks on button (0) in your array.

will they be directed to this?
private sub button()_click

or this

private sub button()_text changed

the only way I have been able to perform the above is to
use a 0-10 in each buttons tag.

then assign that value to a lable when the button has been clicked.

private sub button1_click

label1.text = button1.tag
end sub

then when the label text has changed

private sub label1_text changed

the code to change the value in the selected buttons properties.

if button1.tag = label1.text then button1.text = "you clicked B1"
if button2.tag = label1.text then button2.text = "you clicked B2"
if button3.tag = label1.text then button3.text = "you clicked B3"
etc ... 1 for each button in the array

anyway I have the above working well in a program.

but I do like vb.net only because it can build a 64 bit
and can use multi threading.

so I suppose there are better ways to do the above
and make a user control that will perform even better than
the older vb control array.

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