yea , he put up a image of a formula to calculate Ve.

I didnt show that momentum isnt conserved , in his way of thinking momentum isnt conserved.

he seems to think that the pressures inside the pipe will
cause the pipe to not move and he is right , but he is claiming that no force will be felt.

he claims that because a force is comming out of the nozzle
that force will be canceled out by the other end of the pipe that is 500 ft away and that is why the pipe wouldnt move.

I say that none of the pressures inside the pipe will cause
the pipe to move , only the momentum of the mass inside
will cause the pipe to move.

the important part here is the mass inside the pipe that is
moving , and the momentum that it transfers to the pipe.

like attaching two gas cylinders together between a valve
and 1 is full of 1500 psi gas and the other is empty.

if you place them in a float , then in a swimming pool
then open the valve the mass inside will move until the
pressure equalizes in the two cylinders , they will transfer momentum to the float and the float will move.

he is so poisoned by things he has heard that he cannot think.

suppose there is a large spinning space station that is supplying
1g to allow people inside the space station to walk around.

and suppose there is a ladder that would allow people to climb up
to the center of rotation.

as people climb up the ladder more and more acceleration is given
to the space station that increases its angular velocity.

the peoples angular velocity decreases because their radius
from the center decreases , therefore they transfer their
angular velocity to the space station.

the result is increased artificial gravity.

those still at the peripery will feel a higher gravity.
the space station has not been pushed from the outside
but its spinning faster.

this is reactionless propulsion.

and the more people that climb up to the center , the faster the space station rotates.

internal momentum changes affect the momentum of the overall system.

I think this is great because this means that we dont
have to pollute the rest of our solar system and beyond by
using gasses that burn and pollute.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.