WOW !!!

so in this closed container ( the pipe ).
air will only move in one direction?
and that direction just happens to be in the direction
of the air comming out of the nozzle...

how convienient for you.

so after all the air has been released out of the tank
there will be a 1000 cu ft block of 100 psi air at the end
furtherest from the nozzle.

I said a believable calculation.

in my world , the air at the other end of the pipe will slowly
compress along with the rest of the air in the pipe.

because pressure is transmitted equally in a closed system.

lets take your assumptions even further.

lets place air pressure guages on every square inch of surface area outside the pipe.

according to your comical assessment the pressure guages will all keep reading 14.7 psi , except the ones located at the end of the pipe.


the bulkhead is 500 ft away...

p(air) = p(bulkhead);

what a load

Originally Posted By: ImageingGeek
Here's the physics you seem to be missing. Read the pages, then come back and we'll talk:

what will we talk about , your fantasies about physics?

This, coming from the guy promoting a perpetual motion machine in another thread...LOL.

exactly .. LOL

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.