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we are not decelerating the masses yet , other than the slight deceleration as the masses pass through the turnarounds , sure they reverse direction but they do not greatly decelerate.

OK this statement shows that we simply have different interpretations of the meanings of words.

To a physicist, 'acceleration' includes a change in speed or direction. Look up wikipedia to get a more thorough picture. This is the same acceleration in F=ma so it's crucial that we use a consistent definition.


the mass is then accelerated again for a distance of 500 ft

Is this how it works?:

1. Accelerate the mass, starts moving the pipe.
2. Turn it around, applies a force the wrong way.
3. Turn around again, applies the same force the opposite way.
4. Repeat.

The two turn-arounds cancel each other out. Leaving only the acceleration to propel the pipe?

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