well , you know talk is cheap , and you can write anything.

but just by writting something doesnt mean anything , it is
only showing that that is what your opinion is on this subject.

you havent shown where any laws have been broken , and
everything that this concept involves has already been
agreed upon by yourself.

not that your agreement would establish if the concept would or would not work.

you consistently fail to realise. If you're right you'll be RICHER THAN GOD!!

well from my point of view you consistently fail to realize
that you are basing the feasibility of the concept on laws
that I am showing are not being violated.

yet you wont address these supposed violations that you claim.

and why would God need money?

just because YOU dont want it to work will not cause it to not work.
------------------- think ----------------------

this is a simple thought experiment that is easy to follow.

let us replace the people with weights.

in a single moment the forces are as follows:
lets give the weights a mass and velocity.

if each weight weighs 100 kg
and each weight has a velocity of .5 m/s
to find the force needed to achieve the .5 m/s velocity.

F = m*v
F = 100 kg / .5 m/s = 50 kgf

we want to maintain a constant weight velocity of .5 m/s
so that this experiment will be easier to follow.
so at any given time any weight moving around inside
the pipe will have a velocity of .5 m/s...

when the weight is propelled by a force half of that force is applied to the weight and half is applied to the pipe.
because the pipe has nothing restricting its movement as it
is in space in zero g.

25 kg F goes into moving the weight.
25 kg F goes into moving the pipe.

result >>>>>>>>>>>> 25 kg >>>>>>>>>>>>> weight

result <<<<<<<<<<<< 25 kg <<<<<<<<<<<<< pipe

20 weights pushing against the pipe.

result = 25 kg * 20 = 500 kg ---------> weight
result = 25 kg * 20 = 500 kg <--------- pipe

lets give the pipe a mass.
the mass of the weights will not be counted as they
are moving inside the pipe independently of the pipe.

suppose we allow the pipe to weigh 500 kg

a = F/m
a = 500 kgf / 500 kg
a = 1 m/s^2

as in physics laws such as newtons 1st,2nd,and 3rd.

everything above is well within the confines of these
3 laws.

now for the forces that might cause the pipe to not move.

suppose the weights are rideing inside a tube that has
180 degree turn arounds at each end.

when one of the weights reaches this turnaround inside the tube at the end of the pipe , a force must be applied to
turn the weight or reverse its direction 180 degrees.

this can be done easily as in a railgun where magnetic fields
propel a mass in a direction.

as in the below video.

homemade rail gun

the mass or weight is already traveling at .5 m/s
when it enters the turnaround.

so by the time it completes the turnaround it will have lost some of its velocity.

so we will need to supply a force to accelerate the weight to
the required velocity of .5 m/s

for the sake of ease we will say it has lost all of
its velocity and we need to fully accelerate it.

F = m*v
F = 100 kg / .5 m/s = 50 kgf

this force will propel the mass or weight to the other end of
the pipe where it will enter the 180 degree turnaround at
the other end of the pipe.

the mass or weight will still have the same velocity that it
had when it left the tube at the other end and now it enters
the tube again.

so we will need to supply a force to accelerate the weight to
the required velocity of .5 m/s

for the sake of ease we will say it has lost all of
its velocity and we need to fully accelerate it.

F = m*v
F = 100 kg / .5 m/s = 50 kgf

once the weight exits the turnaround it needs no acceleration , its velocity only needs to be maintained.

and this velocity is maintained by the primary rail gun
that is used to accelerate the weights.

at any moment there is a weight inside each turnaround
and the two forces in the turnarounds cancel each other out.

as in newton #3

the total forces involved no matter what you think are as follows.

total force applied to move the weights.
20 weights * 100 kg = 1000 kg

result = 500 kg ----- pushing the -----> weights
result = 500 kg <---- pushing the ----- pipe

acceleration of the pipe is.

a = F/m
a = 500 kgf / 500 kg
a = 1 m/s^2

so the pipe is traveling through space with a acceleration of

1 m/s^2

note: a magic carpet would be nice if they existed.

if you want to achieve a higher pipe velocity you only need to
increase the velocity of the weights.

if you want to slow or stop the pipe , you only need to stop the weights and reverse their direction.

because of this the pipe will need to be long enought to
allow for this , in other words there will need to be a substaintial distance between the weights so that collisions
do not occur.

suppose you have reached your desired velocity and want to stop the weights in order to prevent the weights that are floating from moving around you would need a opposing rail gun that will attract and hold the weights in the stopped
possition or you can store them in another place.

suppose you have traveled to mars and want to decelerate to obtain a orbital velocity around mars.

you would decrease the electricity to the rail gun.
then using the opposing rail gun stop the weights from moving.

then reverse the direction of the weights sligltly.

then remove the opposing rail gun , then slowly accelerate the weights in the opposite direction.

this should cause the pipe to slow down or even stop if desired.

suppose you are traveling to orion you would increase the electricity to the rail gun.

suppose you have accelerated at .5 m/s for a time period and have gained a velocity of 186,000.00 miles per second

to avoid going faster than the speed of light YOU could stop the weights from moving by using the opposing rail gun.

since you are stopping weights moving in both directions
there will be no effect on the pipes momentum.

and you would stop accelerating.

because you probably dont think that anything can
travel faster than 186,000.00 miles per second.

or I could keep on truckin in order to get there in time
for supper.

for those who write in this forum and edit in this forum you
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3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.