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I still dont think that you inflated your balloon enough

As I already said, I tried it without the bag. I used the same amount of inflation in both cases. So it was enough, because it did travel without the bag.

But you are kind of right, I was afraid to blow it up too much because it was the last good balloon I had left and I didn't want it to break :P

Anyway! That took me 10 minutes one evening. Why are you still unable to do anything at all? What's causing these endless delays? Have you got the filler valve yet? Have you just got some round balloons like I used? Do it yourself!!!

It doesn't have to be fancy, just get a normal balloon, a plastic bag, a pen tube, some tape, and a rubber band. That's all you need to shatter the world of physics and get a Nobel prize!!! Do it!

You can also use a condom. Those are made to higher quality standards and are more readily available than balloons, and can be inflated further. In fact it would probably be more effective because of the bigger opening.

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