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all I can say to your experiment is ...

This experiment should put the matter to rest for good. I won't repeat because I know you'll never trust my results, no matter how many adjustments I make at your request. You have to see it with your own eyes.

If you haven't done it by tomorrow I expect a good reason why not! Don't say it was too rainy to go across town to the balloon shop, just do it! Remember, if this is true then the world stands to gain enormously. You have a social responsibility to make it known.

Also, make sure that before you do the experiment, you know what conclusion you can draw from whatever result it might have. It's no use trying it, and it doesn't work, so you say "oh there's some elusive effect I can't correct for, so no conclusion".

Use controls to eliminate concerns about direction, tube diameter, weight, etc. Repeat it with different balloons and after having blown them up and deflated them several times because they become looser with repeated use. Control every factor that might become an excuse to ignore the result.

By the way, it's quite inconvenient trying to attach the inflated balloon to the tube. See if you can find some other kind of tube that can be closed off but won't collapse under the force of the balloon tightened over it. Maybe use a pen tube with a cap on it, inside the plastic bag. Then you can pop the cap off through the bag.

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