And yet are completely unable to provide one iota of proof. Strange, isn't it - you're right and yet you've been able to convince no one here...LOL

I see where kallog also agrees that m*VE cannot be ZERO.
and given that us three are the only participants in this
thread , your wrong.

also who have you convinced?

And now you're lying - I've repetitively stated the mass of air has velocity upon exiting the tank. If you re-read my last few posts I've even given the exact speed it will move at - the speed of sound.

the speed of sound is a constant it is the speed at which SOUND travels in air , not the speed limit that air can travel at.

not once have you even tried to calculate or give the exact speed or velocity.

and if you did you just simply stated that it was ZERO.

I calculated the velocity or speed at 313600.466382069 m/s
which is 194.86 miles per second.

Nope. And once again the irony - both the page I linked to, as well as the one you linked to, clearly state how
nozzles help provide additional thrust. Apparently you don't even read your own sources.

provide additional thrust , as in the .37N

but you want to neglect the 45N comming from m*Ve

You're wrong here, as has been pointed out time and time again. Ignoring reality doesn't make it go away.

how m*Ve is calculated is broadly published. You ignore those formula, that doesn't make you right.

Im not the one that ignores formulas and rearanges them to suit.

Wow, the ignorance grows:
1) Jet engines work on a completely different concept. Ergo, not comparable to simple rocket engines

2) The combustion produces pressure. A nozzle is useless without pressure.

so its ignorance that typed the above , you just dont believe
how much you discredited yourself.

you have constantly been saying exactly the opposite of the above.

the combustion produces pressure , in the tank the pressure is
already produced... LOL

so the nozzle is useless without the pressure
did it ever cross your mind? that m*Ve is the result
of the stored pressure.


No increase in exhaust velocity, therefore m*Ve is zero. There will be the velocity intrinsic to [Pt-Pe]Ae.

there it is again , the brainwashing must be complete
earlier he attempts to admit that he has given the velocity of air comming out of the tube at the much slower speed , the speed of sound.

So there ya'll have it - Bryan's argument in a nut shell:
a) ignore basic physics,
b) re-write formulas to suit his purposes,
c) lie about the claims of others, and
d) come up with irrelevant examples

BTW , Bryan its a,b,c,d not a,b,b,c

you be the judge.

I have a great idea , can you find an article that tells
how the nozzle itself produces more thrust than the
pressure that is either stored as in the air tank or the pressure that is produced by a jet engine or rocket engine.

meanwhile heres a bottle rocket that just uses air pressure
I noticed how the air came out of the bottle even though it
shouldnt because it doesnt have a space ship type nozzle , just a straight tube.

it just comes out of the bottles neck.

not one shaped like this.

but it sure takes off fast .. ZOOOOOOOM

pressurized air bottle rocket

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.