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how about just a inflated balloon and a larger is moving into the bigger balloon or trash bag then that should be good enough.

Believe it or not, I actually did this just now! And it didn't work! I used an emptied pen tube instead of a straw. I tried it with the pen attached to the balloon and it flew along a bit, but much slower than a normal balloon. Then I did it with a very lightweight loose plastic bag on the other end of the pen, and it just dropped to the floor while it was deflating. Absolutely no forward motion!


without actually doing this simple experiment I can already
say that I believe it will move , and quickly.

Form your belief after seeing the evidence, not before! If you don't trust my experiment then improve on it. Maybe the mass of the bag stopped it flying away, so tie the screwed up bag to the side of the open straw and see if it also doesn't fly away. Maybe the back pressure from the bag slowed the balloon's deflation. So measure the time compared to doing it with no bag.