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100 psi is NOT 10132 Pa !!!!!
1 psi = 6.895 kPa !!!! LOOK IT UP.

My bad, I used ATA in place of PSI for some reason.

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and on top of that you botched the results from those two numbers.

ie....F=(10132kPa - 101kPa)* 0.00064516m^2 = 6.47N
6.47N not 6471N

Nope, you botched up the calc. A kPa is kilo-Pascals, as in 1000 pascals. You have to multiple kPa by 1000 to get the Pa needed in the formula used above - ergo:

F = (10132kPa - 101kPa)* 0.00064516m^2
F = (10132000Pa - 101000Pa) * 0.00064516m^2
F = 6471N, AKA 6.47kN

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what I think you needed was good ole cheat sheet.

No, I need to check my work, although I have to say the exact values mean little here; it is the basic physical principals that are important.

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using your atrocity of an result by only using the 0.37N and not adding the 45.35N would of course work in YOUR FAVOR WOULDNT IT?

Nope, not one iota. Regardless of the magnitude of the force, the physics are the same. 0.37N or 2,000,000,000N, its all the same in the end - the pressurized tank will exert that force forwards on the pipe, while the air coming out the back of the tank will exert that same force rearwards on the tank. Net force is zero either way - whether you've got nano-newtons or giga-newtons (although the later may destroy the pipe completely...)


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