Volume of pipe = pi*r^2*h = 3.14*(1.152/2)^2*152.5m = 158.95m^3

1 foot = 0.3048 meters

60 inch / 2 = 30 inch
30^2 = 900
900 * 3.14159 = 2827.431

the cross sectional area = 2827.431 sq inch

500 ft * 12 inch = 6000 inch

2827.433 * 6000 = 16964600.329384883487698274269709

there are 1728 cu in in a cu ft

16964600.329384883487698274269709 / 1728 = 9817 cu ft

9817 cu ft = 277 cu meters

somehow you have lost
277 - 158 = 119 cu meters

119 cu meters lost , how did that happen?

And I state again that you cannot

I see what happened now ...

you used 1.152 instead of 1.524 as the diameter

wow , that made a big difference didnt it

The force generated upon the release of this air is:

Because we don't have a cone, m*Ve is zero. Therefore, the amount of thrust at a full tank is:
F = (Pt-Pa)*Ae
F = (10132kPa-101kPa)*0.00064516m^2
F = 6471N

one load after another...

theres something VERY important when calculating force

--------- YOU NEED MASS ---------



F=whatever you want it to be.

it looks like your using the initial pressure
in the tank (pt)then subtracting the initial pressure
in the pipe (pa?)then multiplying that number by the nozzle area (Ae?).

so where are you going with this ?

Because we don't have a cone, m*Ve is zero

so since the mass comes out of a tube as you said , the mass has no velocity?

it just covertly sneeks through the nozzle or perhaps it
is being transported as they do on star trek !!

I said the volue of the tank is 1000 sq ft.

yes , after the strain of trying to coax a little common sence out.

but as I recall...................
I did use 1000 cu ft earlier at the begining when I mentioned the tank in the pipe

Originally Posted By: paul
and suppose the air tank holds a mere 1000 cu ft of 100 psi
compressed air inside it.

you know the mass of air.
you know the force , its 100 psi. (believe it or not)

all you need now is the acceleration.

acceleration = force / mass

SP ) standard Pressure dry air has a density of 1.2754 kg/m3.

this will give you the mass and the initial velocity for your formula.

believe me air is light so there wont really be a time to wait as the mass accelerates so we will leave out time for now.

now you have the rest of your formula..

And once again I've provided yet another layer of mathematics showing the impossibility of your perpetual-motion engine.

No , you havent provided anything.

but you now have the full formula that you obviously already knew , you just didnt want to allow others to see the outcome of actual numbers , you only want them to believe your twisted math and the endless jargon that flows from your knowlege of what other people said.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.