one more thing that I would like to tell the others that are
following this thread.

at any given time durring acceleration of the pipe.

1) there are 20 masses being accelerated.

being accelerated means that a opposite force is being placed
on the pipe that will give acceleration to the pipe.

2) the opposing 20 masses are not being accelerated.

nor are they decelerating.

3) the forces of the two masses that are being turned around by the tubes (2) 180 degree turnarounds will cancel each other out.


at any moment durring the acceleration of the 20 masses there is a force being placed on the pipe in a direction.

at any moment durring the acceleration of the masses there
are no counter forces being placed on the pipe that could
prevent the pipe from accelerating.

therefore the pipe will accelerate in a direction.

a = F/m


thats pretty much as clear as I can put it.
and its simple enought for a grade school student to understand.

if the two seemingly highly intelligent naysayers that have
been involved in this discussion with me dont realize this
then that only shows that their ability to process information
has been flawed or never was there.
3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.