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at any given time durring acceleration of the pipe.

1) there are 20 masses being accelerated.
2) the opposing 20 masses are not being accelerated.
3) the forces of the two masses that are being turned around by the tubes (2) 180 degree turnarounds will cancel each other out.

Yep that's much clearer, cheers. I think, let me try to reconstruct it, correct me if I'm wrong:

There are 20 masses being accelerated along the length of the pipe. The reaction to this is what accelerates the pipe.

At the same time 20 other masses are free-floating in the opposite direction.

Both sets of masses reach their ends at the same time, where they're both turned around by a 180deg curved track/etc. The reactions from these two turn-arounds cancel each other out.

Repeat indefinately.


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