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Q1: What was his momentum before the collision
Q2: What is his momentum after driving away
Q3: What is the overall change in momentum of the car between the start and end of the story?
Q4: How much momentum did the car lose between the start and end?

Q1:1000 ; the car was initaly traveling at 1000
Q2:1000 ; the car reaccelerated to 1000 after the collision
Q3:1000 ; after the collision the momentum goes to zero
Q4:1000 ; momentum at start is the same at end only opposite direction.

Q1: Yes, 1000
Q2: No, -1000
Q3: Change in momentum = final momentum - initial momentum.
Q4: Negative of the answer to Q3

Do you want to reconsider Q3? That's crucial to the entire moving pipe machine.

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