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your right you just added wrong.

you forgot to add the +6 2nd turn at the end.

Add what? This whole idea of adding up made-up forces applied at different times, and for different durations, is totally meaningless. I'm just showing these additions to emphasise that you can get different results through the same process. Therefore the process is wrong.

I've already detailed my calculations that show the overall motion of the pipe a couple of times. You can go through them and search for faults if you like.

But why don't you produce any actual calculations? I understand if you don't have the skill to do that, but I think you do have a reasonable workshop, and surely the skill to build a prototype of this thing. All you need is some pipes, magnets, maybe some little wheels or an air blower. All cheap easy stuff. That'll be far more powerfully convincing than any explanation.

Keep it secret if you're genuinely scared the CIA will shoot you. Then secretly release a video of it - you know, the way Bin Laden secretly released videos without revealing where he was.

By the way, they can already track you through your posts on here. So it's too late, better get your will written and start winding up your bank accounts and so on.