Yes. It's your design. You specified 3900N. That requires 2s, and 78m. If you want a shorter turnaround then you need to choose a higher force to get the job done faster. The value of this force is arbitrary, it doesn't change the outcome. That might sound strange, but any change in the force has to be compensated for by applying it for a different length of time so you end up with the same change in momentum.

ok , try this experiment out.
get a U shaped pipe , fire a riffle in one end of the pipe.
dont worry you have alot of time to walk out of the way before the bullet comes back towards you.


I must admit that your logic isnt logical.

the 2 seconds that you are using is a complete falsity.

suppose the mass were attached to a wheel , are you somehow sudgesting that a mass of 100 kg cannot have a velocity of
39.03 m/s given it is attached to the periphery of a wheel with a radius of 4 meters ? or 3 meters? or 2 meters?
or 1 meter?

that somehow the mass cannot travel that fast around a radius?

thats really going a bit to far kallog.

but you knowing that the requirement of 2 seconds in each turnaround would cause the concept to not work , so is that your scientific or your childish way of finding a solution.

to your problem.

when I say Your problem , I mean your inability to find a reason that the concept would not work.

because afterall that is what you are trying to do , you just cant do it because physics keeps getting in the way , spoiling your attempts.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.