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If you have a waffle shield,

what is a waffle shield , and if it deflects an object while traveling at near c , how much energy is drained from the achieved acceleration that will need to be replaced.

you mentioned using centripetal force for artificial gravity,what if someone walks in the other direction of rotation?
wouldnt this force that they apply for propulsion detract from the rotational velocity?

sure if nothing moves inside the centrifuge of theship , you can have eternal rotation , but if nothing is going to move , then why have the centrifuge?

for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

so for every step taken , every item moved within the centrifuge more energy will be required to maintain a precise artificial gravity.

Depends on the mass of the vessel, and how close to C you try to get.

apx how much mass are you sudgesting?

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because they will be moving so they will wear down there clothes.
because we cant suspend life yet.

how many crew members would there be?
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