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and they most likely ended up with a gag order or even worse.

No, you have no evidence for that occurring. The freedom of sharing information on the internet makes such suppression impossible these days, it's not like the middle ages anymore.

Here's a thought, it violates:
Netwon's 1st law
Newton's 2nd law
Newton's 3rd law
The law of conservation of momentum

That means if you use any of those laws in the calculation, and it results in the behaviour you've predicted, then the result is automatically wrong.

It may mean you've disproven those laws, by showing them to be internally inconsistent. In that case the disproof only needs to be theoretical. There's no need to even build it. Tho of course you won't be able to know if it works or not without building it.

Again, please stop talking about applications for it. Everybody can easily see many amazing applications, just as we can all see amazing applications for magic carpets. It's called counting your chickens.