I think thats a load !!!

if I have a nozzle at one end of a long pipe and the entire pipe
is at 14.7 psi.

lets say the pipe is 60 inch diameter and 500 ft long.
and its inside your space ship.

and I have a compressor at the other end of the pipe that compresses air to 100 psi.

if I release the compressed air through the nozzle the reaction of the thrust will be felt by the pipe until the pressure in the pipe reaches 100 psi.

and if the compressor can maintain the 14.7 psi then
this can be continuous.

not only that but the friction between the pipe and the compressed air in the pipes that carries the compresed air back
to the nozzle will also be a force in the direction of movement.

according to your way of thinking if there was a hose attached to the place where the nozzle is attached instead of a nozzle and the hose was just laying there on the floor and someone turned on the air valve so that air could come out , the hose would just sit there , and it wouldnt move because you were taught that , and you could just walk up to it and pick it up.

me , I would want the air pressure to be turned off first.
so the hose wouldnt slap me in the head as I approached it.

so if the hose will move then if I held the hose , the ship would move.

the problem here is that when you are driving down
"think street"
and you see a "do not enter" sign you do not enter , instead you turn onto "do not think street" , I dont see any "do not enter" signs.

so I stay on "think street"

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.