wow , I cant believe all you wrote just to show how little you
know about physics.

maybe I should say your knowlege of applying physics.

lets forget the compressor , because according to you and your knowledge about physics the only item in question is the fact that this system is a closed system.

and lets put all the compressed air inside a air tank at one end of the ship.

and its still inside the 60 inch diameter pipe and the pipe is still 500 ft long.

the air pressure inside the pipe is at 14.7 psi.

and suppose the air tank holds a mere 1000 cu ft of 100 psi
compressed air inside it.

the volume of 14.7 psi air inside the 500 ft long pipe
is 8817 cu ft.
and the pipe volume capacity is 9817 cu ft.

so the tank holds 1/9.8 the pipes area.

when I release air from the nozzle there is a thrust or a force
that pushes the ship in the opposite direction of the thrust.

this force is felt by the pipe just as if it were being applied
from outside the pipe at the other end of the pipe.

the air inside the pipe at 1 atm presses against every sq inch inside the pipe , not in any particular direction,
and continues to do so the entire time that air is being released from the nozzle.

so all of the pressure inside the pipe itself cancels out.

the only force remaining is the force generated by the thrust
of the nozzle.

so the stuff you argue with = 0 lb force
the stuff I argue with = a 100 lb force to a 0 lb force.
if I use a 1 sq inch nozzle.
of course the above does not include the decreasing pressure differential between the 14.7 psi and the final equalized pressure or the initial and final fluid velocity.

which greatly increases the force.

but it alone tells the story.

after the air tank has equalized pressure with the pipe the
thrust will stop , until then

I win the argument / discussion.

or until you can provide some type of solid believable
calculations that support your claim.

if this pipe were in space and you were inside it and the nozzle was pointed directly away from the sun.
and of course your space suit could withstand 100 psi of pressure.

would you still believe that you are right?

I dont believe that we should attempt space travel until
those who learn physics also learn to apply physics
without killing everybody on a space ship because of what they have not been taught.

However, my workshop (equivalent in this case to your spaceship)


your workshop equivalent has a mass of 5.98 1024 kg

its attached to the earth.

but put your workshop in space and see what happens.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.