I used to think that you were just refusing to admit
that the pipe would move , by not putting mass and velocity
into the formula.

now I just think your a complete bone head .... LOL

a force caused by a object that has a mass the same as a car
with a velocity of 5000 m/s

would cause a greater force than a object that has the mass of
your brain , slightly greater if the brain were someone elses that had something useable in it.

you really are a college "gadget".

the only reason that the pipe could move is the momentum
of the mass moving inside the pipe.

in clasical mechanics momentum
newtons second law
F = (d/dt)*(m*v)

using your boneheaded method by removing the (m*v) in the
above formula will result in
force = distance / distance*time


if it moves slowly , unconstricted then not much force is produced.
if it moves faster by constriction , then much more force is produced.

Im right and your wrong , your just too boneheaded to admit it.

Its funny though, you lecturing me on math, when you seem to have completely missed the fact that you "corrected" my math by providing the same formula and changing one letter.

LOL, stupid is funny!

no I didnt I included the correct formula ,
and I included all the elements of the formula, if you gadgets
would have learned this stuff or at least that you cant remove
portions of formulas to get a correct answer we wouldnt have
so many buidings and bridges collapsing.

thankfully your just a programmer that only deals in
imagery , so you cant really make things fail.

I did correct your math several times though.
and you know it.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.