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I didnt say that , naturally you would have the same number climbing up as is floating down.

Please try to think about this and explain it more clearly. I already know it can't work so there's no way I can interpret your vague statements. If you spell it out step by step you'll discover where the fault is yourself.

This is mundanely obvious and doesn't depend on any physical laws, except the law of conservation of people. I suppose nobody magically appears out of nothing or magically evaporates.


and even if it did violate a law , whats your point.

My point is what you consistently fail to realise. If you're right you'll be RICHER THAN GOD!!

Put it into perspective. This is a trivially simple idea that millions would have thought through before. Many of those people would be kids who haven't learnt Newton's laws yet. You cling to the arrogant idea that everybody else is wrong simply because they have common ideas. Don't you wonder why you're consistently wrong about every single physical-law-violating idea you've ever had? Don't you notice the mistakes you keep on making?


the really neat part about this is that you could use electrically driven weights that are riding on a track or

The really neat part about magic carpets is you could just sit on them and fly around the world.