They can be copied from a single button created in the designer to duplicate all the propertie

but I dont want all the properties duplicated.

each command button needs at least three assignable properties.

I have found that I can use the

but I need 1 more to use to define the control.

.text is used by the control to represent a item in the array.

I did get the buttons array to work by making a database with buttons using the above three assignable properties.

this entailed using a seperate file for each button.
and a list of button names.

but all of the above could have been done with

for i = 1 to 20
button(X).tag = a
button(X).accessabledeffinition = b
button(X).text = c
X = X + 1
next i

but because there is no control array in vb.net
my 28 kb program is already over 800 kb

and Im only half way finished converting it.

in fact I havent touched it today because of the stress.

I have thought today about making a user control that would work exactly like a old style control array.

and the control could have a few more tweaks.

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