[quote=K]I got it from Walmart.[quote]

Are you allowed to advertise on this Forum?

BTW, Kallog, Iíve lost track of the thread in which you asked what a libertarian was, so Iím going to slip it in here in deference to the links between politics and sci-fi.

Iím not as politically orientated as my son, so treat my answer with caution. I understand it has to do with supporting unrestricted trade, no subsidies or anything like that, and a belief that we all get what we deserve. If we are poor, itís because we failed to take the opportunities we should have grabbed, so itís our own fault.

I was going to say ďevery man for himselfĒ but Iím sure that's politically incorrect, these days. Somehow, ďevery person for itselfĒ doesnít have the same ring to it, though!
There never was nothing.