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missing half an equasion is not as bad as missing half a brain , bryan.
but Im not missing half the equasion your missing half the brain , maybe all of the brain , bryam.

so if I push a mass in zero g with 450 kg force and you push the same mass in zero g from the opposite end with 50 kg force then the mass will not move?

The insults are really quite ironic, since you're apparently unable to counter my statements without out-and-out lying about them. And I'd point out that repeating the same lie about my claims, which I've now corrected you for 3X, doesn't make that lie true - it just makes you a liar.

Its really simple, as I explained before. You push on the mass with force X. When you push on that mass, the system (i.e. your pipe) experiences a force of -X. Net effect: mass goes one way, the pipe goes the other, the movement of the center of mass (and thus the systems momentum) doesn't change.

So yes, the masses move (as I've said at least 3X now), but so does the pipe they are contained in - net effect, zero change in momentum of the system as a whole.

Same is true when the mass hits the end of the pipe or is otherwise braked. The mass will exert a force on the pipe/brake equal to the force which imparted its movement in the first place. Ergo, the mass stops due to the exertion of force, and that force is also transfered to the pipe. Since the force is exactly the same as what put the mass/pipe in motion to start with, the net effect is the motion of both the mass and the pipe stops.

There it is - so simple even a 2-year old can grasp it.

Now, how are you going to lie about my claims this time? Or perhaps you'll just repeat the same lie you've made the past few posts...

...strange, isn't it - that you can only make your "point" by lying about the claims of others...LOL