there really is nothing that your twisting of words and math can accomplish with me that is , I know Im right even
though you have repeatedly re-stated the same old stuff over and over , never once admitting that the mass of air comming out of the nozzle has velocity , simply because the nozzle isnt really a nozzle.

a nozzle only focuses the thrust.
in this case a nozzle is not the reason there is a thrust
the thrust comes from the m*Ve.

but your genius rejects that concept.
so why do they bother putting fuel in jet aircraft all they really need is a nozzle.

paul is just using a tube therefore no velocity , right!!!

if I have a rifle and I cut the barrel off just beyond the
bullet , according to your genius the bullet would just stay there when I fired the riffle.

because the bullet doesnt have a barrel , ohhhh poor poor bullet.

it cant go nowhere because ImageingGeeks math comprehension =ZERO.

and you call people stupid.

now I suppose you will do exactly the same with the momentum of air that moves inside the pipe.

there obviously will be no momentum in the moving air

just like the magic tube.

only now its the magic moving air with no mometum.

just because you write a lot of words and use twisted math
doesnt mean youre saying anything.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.