the 100 psi <---
that I use overcomes the nothing that you have.

we can calculate the mass of the air that travels from point a to point b and this will give us the mass that is being moved within the pipe.
then we can calculate the velocity at which it moves.

then we can calculate the opposition to pipe movement as zero.

simply because there is no opposition to movement.

see if you can understand this one simple thing.

the only place that any force that can be counted as a force
for movement in a direction is where the air is escaping the nozzle.

everything else is canceled out.

what if the tank was just floating inside the pipe
and it is located at the middle of the pipe.

nothing to stop its movement.

then the valve is opened.

are you really going to say it would just sit there and not move?

and why wouldnt it move all the way to the end and apply its momentum to the pipe itself?

because you dont want it to.
because you know physics but you dont know how to apply physics?

because a equation told you it wont move?

knowing physics is like owning a brand new cadilac
with a empty tank of gas.
knowing how to apply physics is like owning all the gas stations in the world.

your cadilac is worthless without the gas.

I sometimes wonder how we ever put a man on the moon given the quality of our college graduates and ability to apply what they have learned or supposedly learned.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.