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"a word can mean whatever you wish it to".

That would be the essence of relative truth.

The ancient Sanskrit language was developed when a high state of consciousness tuned into the vibrational frequencies of matter.
Where today we use words that have different meanings, the essence of the words in Sanskrit vibrated with the very source of the object perceived.
In the Bible the word of God is referred to as the Aum, Om or Amen. Within that vibration is contained all vibrations of the manifest.
When someone says something it resonates with the impression within the consciousness of that person.
The higher the levels of consciousness the more distinct or sharp the resonance.
At various levels of stress in the human nervous system or when the ego is saturating the intellect, the vibratory rate of consciousness in the brain is clouded with multitudes of ideas. Thought is cluttered with thought.
Thought is dense.

Words used effectively at refined levels of awareness are perceived by refined levels of consciousness.
Words used at high levels of consciousness are not understood at lower levels of consciousness, which is why Jesus spoke in parables to separate those who were developed enough to understand from those who were not evolved enough to advance.

Those who do not know consciousness at a refined level, do not perceive Consciousness that is refined.
From the surface appearances of the thick intellect everything is relative.

The analogy is often used that if an enlightened master were to appear to the masses he/she would not likely be recognized. For there are no distinguishing characteristics on the surface to identify with.
Then if one was to speak of Truth absolute... well we all know were that goes and how open people are to receive such nonsense...

There is a Sanskrit word, "Samyamah," which refers to the ability to follow a word through its vibratory pathway to the source of its birth in idea and in absolute beginning.
It is in itself a form of intuitive sense which allows one to unite at a spiritual level with objects of perception within projected reality.

Jesus when he was about 9 years old lectured his own school teacher for his ignorance and inability to grasp the vibration of language and the meaning in each letter in the Aramaic alphabet for its own distinct message.
The letters grouped together in a word had an underlying spiritual meaning which lifted the word into purpose and intent.
One word in the Sanskrit language can have 10 different meanings, to understand how it is used and what it means would take a refined intellect.

The reason the bible has been so mistranslated as are many of the ancient texts is because the level of consciousness of the translators is not at the same level as that of the master who spoke the words.

Anyone can hear the words but not everyone can hear the message behind them, regardless of how clear the source.

The English language of today with its many meanings and shortcomings of misunderstanding, is testimony to the degradation of the intellect as it is out of tune with the spirit.
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