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The notion that the nature of humans intrinsically evil is one I directly oppose, in fact I think the opposite is true; that our basic nature is intrinsically good.

If this is true then evil is a misnomer. If humanity is intrinsically good then good must also be in everything humanity does. One only need rise above the illusion of evil to see it.
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Like many other facets of human nature, we must challenge first our own tendency to accept evil thoughts, words and deeds, and then if necessary, those of the people around us, & anyone else we come into contact with.

That is the basis of enlightenment. Evil is an illusion of duality, where Good has a counterpart that is evil. When one rids themselves of the attachment to duality, vision of True reality reveals the nature of humanity and all that has a purpose in reflecting the nature of who we are.

"Sin" or "evil" (as described by Jesus, which was part and parcel to the Teachings of "The Christ" within humanity and the content of the New Testament of the Bible), is an illusion of perception rooted in the ego as a belief.
Once one situates the mind in the "Truth" of the "Self," evil/illusion/fear becomes transparent and without a foothold to distract the mind from its inherent nature.
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