Anon: To insist that none should speak of god unless they do so with your "terms kind of thinking" is bizarre and arrogant.
Bizarre! Arrogant! Right on, Ellis. Would you also add, opaque?

BTW, Ellis, May I ask Anon: Are you related to TT. smile

BTW 2, I suspect that when Anon wrote:
"Don't speak of God unless you do it on my terms kind of thinking."
he did not intend to offer it as his point of view. We'll see.

If I am right this is an example of opaque, unclear, writing. But none the less, much of Anon's post is, like that of TT's posts--it is filled with the attitude of an arrogant ego with a hot line to God.

Incidentally, I only wish there was such a thing as a human-like and objective god--the kind atheists say they can live without. BTW 3, because I know--at least strongly suspect--there is no such god, so can I.

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