Do you think, Rev, that everyone has his/her own personal perception of Jesus? At least within the Protestant chuches and the community at large that may be true, although arguments about doctrine spoil the message in too many religious centres (and not just Christian ones).

Jesus' teachings are a solid foundation for a good life, and it would not be possible to act in an evil manner if one followed them, and the same is true for the foundation beliefs in Islam, Judaism and others, acknowledging as they do the Golden Rule. Over-interpretation by priests, shamans, rabbis and mullahs is often responsible for the areas which seem to be discriminatory and sometimes downright distasteful, even evil. The terrorists of today are not the first soldiers (or people) to wage war in the name of their god, doing evil acts in the name of their religions.

Good luck with the enlightenment stuff, but on the streets many are still dying for their beliefs. That cannot be right.

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