Rev said;
OK, Ellis, here is what I propose: In the spirit of peace, let us nominate that TT be the arbiter of "truth".

Ah--but whose truth would it be? It is necessary to BELIEVE in the truth absolute, so that's a problem right there. We all know that I don't believe in anything vaguely supernatural and the idea of all-enveloping truth has a very fuzzy edge I think.

So here's an idea---- TT can believe in his idea of truth, (ie the Absolute). Rev you can believe in your idea of truth ( probably based on the teaching of Christ) and I'll trust in my version (which is that ultimately we humans are capable of finding truth without god etc, we just take a longer time to get there because we are doing it for ourselves).

Problem solved! ---or maybe not___we three will never agree!! But at least we can remain mostly civil.