TT wrote:

"When you think about the bombing of Dresden and the suffering people of the city, for those that weren't old enough to have been alive during the time it is only a story in the history of a country that either you have familiarity with or not. A story in the History books."

Here we will have to agree to disagree. I do not think that there should ever come a time when we can detach ourselves from events like the Dresden bombings to the extent that we can say it is only history. It is when we are able to do that that we will be likely to repeat the offence. We need to understand the dual nature of all acts. Nothing is purely good, nothing is purely evil. It depends on the way it is interpreted. Deliberate acts of cruelty can, and are, still defended as necessary for the greatest good.

TT-It's this duality that is the problem, and I personally don't feel that an 'enlightened perspective' of the problem comes within a bull's roar of suggesting a solution.

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