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In any set of problematic circumstances do the following: Make your choice to follow your love-based spirit, or your self-centered ego. Then watch and take note of the results you get.

How would one know the difference?
If it were that obvious wouldn't humanity automatically make the choice for love?
How does one determine from the ego, how to not be egoic?
If one knows the spirit and Love of God why would the spirit choose anything other than love and spirit?

Are you suggesting that everyone knows the difference and still lives between two poles or bounces from one to the other unconsciously? Or are you suggesting that by sheer determination one can rise above the ego and recognize the Spirit within?

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The ego tends to confuse knowledge with wisdom--the moral, ethical and loving use of knowledge.

How could the ego become clear?
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In my opinion, HOW we perceive the NOW tells us WHO we are.

If the now is perceived from confusion of the ego, what would it tell us about ourselves if we recognize confusion as normal?

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TT, I think that the big difference between you and me is this: I am not enlightened, yet--and perhaps still quite ignorant of many things. However, I know that I don't know.

If you know that you don't know how would you know "you know" the Spirit Self?
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