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Is it not true that the name of the Hebrew god was so sacred it was never uttered?

I think that that is precisely what physisists do, but they call it explaining physical (and other) forces, and some of them approach such a task as a puzzle to be solved, not an enigma to be worshipped.

The reference is to the idea that God is not a puzzle to be solved but that it is something that can be experienced.
Therefore to try to encapsulate the meaning in a name was futile.

Scientists can explore nature and they will find things within the realm of mechanics and natural law that are exposed in nature at the level in which they explore.
Whatever machines are created in the physical limits of the imagination will validate what they limit God to.
The only machine capable of joining God in the limitless is not manufactured and does not measure God, it only joins God.
That would be the human soul.
To surrender the physical to the unmanifest is the height of worship. All superstitious meanings are of the ego.
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