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Still, it is a fallacy to believe something because one does not like the consequences of the alternative.

Or because they don't like the feeling they get from something other.
Beliefs are constantly changing with opinion and new knowlege.
The infinite is beyond all beliefs and opinion but it is difficult to give up all opinion and belief without direct experience of something greater than all opinion and belief.
The ego lives only in the world of belief, definition and changing opinion. It cannot see anything other, and so from the ego there is never unity of One Mind or underlying principle.
All principles in the relative are subject to changing belief and opinion. The ego then tries to build on what it likes and also tries to push away all that it does not like, never taking the intellect beyond surface values and perceptions to connect the opposites to the source of all humanity in one universal mind.
Beliefs then become product of both imagination and programs passed from one generation to another struggling to fit the universe into boxes that protect individuality in limitation and influence.
Atheism is, in itself a determination to free ones sense of Self from the opinion of others so that it can be free of dogma. It is a psychological religion of free will only.