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What is Good? What is Evil?
Ellis asks.

Simple: IMO, evil is anything--small, medium or large--that causes physical, mental or spiritual hurt, or pain, to self and/or others.

Correct. Evil is the result of Sin, or errant thinking.
However, there is nothing one can do to change the necessity of life to incorporate evil in the development of personal awareness as a contrast to perfection in all aspects of creation. It is part of free will. Sometimes one has to prick the finger to realize pain, so as to know the difference between pleasure and pain.
In contrast to differing states of conscious awareness, (being conscious and unconscious) realizing the many as one may take a different course of events and experiences. The ego and its definition of consciousness is relative to the body. Where as consciousness of the Soul is not restricted by anything physical.
So being conscious from the enlightened perspective, or being in the now is without the conditioning of the body and the multiplicity of the separation of consciousness into the idea of "we." There is only Now and that "NOW" is "ONE" above and beyond any personal opinion.

Opinions are only created from the ego, and are personal due to the separation of the "NOW" from the Soul/GOD Self.
It (ego and opinion) is what creates evil, sees evil and maintains evil.
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