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But what about arrogant do-gooders, those who insist that only they have the right to tell people what to believe and how to think and act?
I haven't met any such people. Nor would I think I would.

I guess that would be the difference between seeing through devolved eyes and evolved eyes. When one sees evil around them there is evil within them.

It would make sense don'tcha think? In order to bring God into vision one would have to be able to see the God in people to bring the God in people out into action. Otherwise the focus to change the world is from the vision of evil in the world.
What you focus on grows.

First you would have to know God, rather than conceptualize God from the limits of what opinion tells you is God like and evil.

Personality often uses prejudice to include God as ones prejudice. But God is not prejudiced. Only ego sees God thru prejudice but then that isn't really God but prejudice.

To find the order that is God in the world one would first have to know God to recognize God's order.
To see the arrow being drawn back as the force for change.
Often the ego decides that the change is God out of control and from the illusions of opinion and belief try to become a better God so that change is circumvented for the ego's vision of perfection. It's a common mistake of the ego to try and take the position of bettering God, because God is out of control and not doing what God need do for humanity. So instead of being one is always doing, setting what is out of order according to opinion, into the vision of order held in the mind and belief of ego.

Don't get me wrong, taking action is not a bad thing, God is action but often the mind is so caught up in some idea that being is not enough because being means to be complacent. Such is the ego's idea of being.
God is also stillness and from stillness of mind one moves forward with wisdom that is God's wisdom. Then reaction doesn't take place.

There is a saying: "If you seek to change the world because you see evil then you become part of the problem."

Life as one see's it is the reflection of ones ideals and beliefs. That reflection for the ego is full of good and evil. It is that tree of knowledge represented by the story of the garden of Eden. When man took mind out of the Garden (the still absolute) and immersed it in the activity of belief and opinion the world was filled with the images of what lives inside of man as man believes man is..

Once, back in the late '60's Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke in a University in California to a group of intellectuals (students).
A question was posed by a young student to Maharishi.
He asked, "Maharishi, there are starving people in the world, why would you strive to teach meditation instead of feeding the hungry?"
Maharishi responded.."If you teach a hungry man how to meditate he will become a Happy Hungry Man."

The answer at first would appear to go against logic. The egoic mind sees no value in starvation or hunger regardless of ones state of mind. But the value is limitless.
When the mind of a hungry person is steadfast in egoic belief and opinion that the world is against them there is no hope. They are victims to society and because they have become so attached to the idea that they have no power within themselves to live in a world that has not given them the power to live, they become powerless of themselves.

Yet let a man discover the power within themselves thru the process of self discovery and they become the light to achieve limitless possibilities. A hungry man who has such insight and energy will not wait for others to take care of him, nor feel sorry for himself or others. That person becomes filled with the potential of God and as a matter of reality in Gods vision and exaltation becomes a clear guide for others who have become dependent on others to make the world for them instead of making the world from the potential within them.

The mind that sees Good and evil places the ability of man within the limits of victimization, and helplessness. The mind that sees only God sees only the potential of mans ability to become One with all that is when the mind has temporarily become displaced thru belief and opinion. All that is needed is to clear the vision and man becomes Self sufficient and a boon to all those who have lost their sight and hearing.

So how to help humanity? As an enabler of division helplessness and evil, or as the mind of God?
One would have to be of the Mind of God rather than of opinion and belief, to know just what is needed for any situation, by clealry seeing the situation and the perfection in each situation.
In the words of a song regarding poker: You got to know when to hold em and when to fold em as well as when to play your cards.
You can do that from wisdom and clear vision being receptive to what is being played or from opinion and belief, second guess the table and react from the projected evils dwelling within the mind of ego.

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