The human thought process does not use words and its associated definition structures. If you think about this you can see that this is so--when you talk you do not form the words you use until you say them. You do not think them first and then say them--you say them automatically, even though your thoughts may be elsewhere.
This is similar to the unconscious approach to God and the Conscious approach to God. The unfortunate approach to God thru belief is that you think about the word God and then you associate the impulses of thought attached to memories of what others have told you over the years of learning and absorbing information that are linked to who you think you are and what reality is.
The ego lives according to programming. It has absorbed words and their meanings from birth. First and foremost is the influence of parental beliefs and ideals. Over half of the human psyche is the voice of our parents, the other is a mixture of peer association, schooling, media and what personality decides to take ownership of. Very little of who we are is original to who we were when we came innocently into this world.
So who and what we are is forgotten, as has the close association to God been lost due to influence of belief and opinion that has been compressed into words and ideas of the ego and its programs.

God has become a belief rather than the experience.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!