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TT- I love playing with words and language. I love to shock by the use of a word that is out of context or has an unanticipated meaning. I am constantly thankful that English is my first language, as it is appallingly difficult to learn to fluency precisely because of its habit of absorbing other languages and its flexibility in grammar and syntax. However there are still rules and defining "independence" and "diversity" as you did extends the meaning to a stage where those particular words in that context were meaningless, and thus did not advance your argument.

My statements don't need to advance or go anywhere. They are clear regardless of whether you understand them or not. Therefore the words are not intended to create an argument.
That is the beauty of language. It is conveyed and one understands if they listen. One does not have to struggle to make others understand. They do or they don't, that is what separates levels of consciousness and understanding.
Only the ego invests itself in what others believe and think.
You wouldn't expect a child to raise its level of understanding by keeping it at the level of a child, and an adult does not have to become a child to speak to the child. The adult plants seeds of knowledge which grow as the experience level of the child advances.
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You write- "Where today we use words that have different meanings, the essence of the words in Sanskrit vibrated with the very source of the object perceived."
"Words used effectively at refined levels of awareness are perceived by refined levels of consciousness."

These are interesting ideas, though I am uncomfortable with the idea that only the "refined" can unerstand the words fully. Good communication should enable all to participate and understand clearly. On the other hand the idea that words need to be considered and chosen carefully is one that I fully agree with.

Being conscious enough to inject knowledge from wisdom into the psyche does require a high degree of awareness. To make words to keep a child a child does disservice to the immortal soul within which is no child.
The part of you that is uncomfortable is the part that does not like being out of control.

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