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Do you think, Rev, that everyone has his/her own personal perception of Jesus?
Of course! The same is true for any concept, including that of gods, God, GOD, whatever.

Good luck with the enlightenment stuff...
At This point, along with many others who are taking this GOD-consciousness path, I have had, and am having, a lot of good luck. Have you the answer as to why anyone, but a fool, would choose ignorance over education?

[/quote] ... but on the streets many are still dying for their beliefs... [/quote] Of course! Ignorance-based, or unenlightened, beliefs are deadly! And they will continue to inflict suffering, pain and death until the victims get tired of it and wake up.
That [pain, suffering and death] cannot be right.
Of course it isn't right! So let's all wake up, now, and do something about it. What are we waiting for, Christmas?

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