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I spent a whole year looking into what the course teaches.

Over the year, we all came to the understanding that, eventually, we will all be required to complete the real course, the course of LIFE. How long we take to do it will be up to us.

This and other, books like it, including the Bible, the Koran, the Gita, the works of James, Weatherhead, Fosdick, Jung, Frankl, Maslow, Rogers, Parker, Erickson and numerous others like it have been my companions for decades ...

You're absolutely right about how long it takes being up to you.
Having companions for lifetimes, spending time looking into things isn't quite the same thing as doing it, is it.

I find that what my teacher said regarding the fact that 99% of the books on this planet could be burned without having any adverse affects to be quite true.
The ego bases its limitations on boundaries of accumulated knowledge never setting itself free.
One need only take the mind beyond circumscribed descriptions of God and immerse ones awareness in God to supercede any limited descriptions referenced in the written word.
It is only by availing ourselves to a greater wisdom that we begin to leave limitation and ignorance behind. Such wisdom cannot be contained in a book. And when it comes to learning how to speak with God there is no help like help that has both wisdom and experience to reveal how limited the intellect is on its own, when it decides to make belief and opinion the standard for determining wisdom and Omniscience.

One can spend lifetimes taking the mind outward into definitions of reality that the ego sees and never come close to any experience of God. Yet spend a few months or years taking the mind inward and God becomes the only reality.
Pity so many waste their years thinking they know something of God when they know nothing.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!