A group of people cannot redefine words.
Are you sure they cannot, Thislin? In my experience it happens all the time.

You say, "... "God" means to a person is what it means. I think to most of us the word implies a being (purpose, intelligence) of infinite magnitude." and you are right.

IMO, most people do not believe in and act on a "god" based on the reality of the universe--physical, mental and spiritual--all that is.

They offer lip service to an idol which they create in their minds. And this is the problem. Most people find it really difficult to trust such an idolatrous concept of god so they go about living lives of despair, dominated by fear, uncertainty and doubt. This of course is the kind of idol which is an easy target for atheists to knock down. Without having to become an atheist, I gave up this god of the psyche, this egoic-kind of god, decades ago.

You say, "I doubt the existence of anything infinite ..." But do you doubt existence itself, including your own?

You say there is, "... no evidence of intelligence in the working of the universe at large."

Are you and I as conscious beings without any kind of intelligence? Is the universe without that which is Good, Orderly and Desirable--or beautiful? The earth as we know it may not have enough GOD supply--that which is good, etc.--in the finished form to supply all those who would like to have them; but it is not without any.

IMO, there is no lack of supply. What is lacking is the motivation, the will, the wit, the wisdom and the practical ability of some human beings to tap into the supply. The good news is: It is not difficult for those with the will to learn how to get involved in this process. I know from experience: It can be taught and learned.

BTW, read John 1: In the beginning was the word (referring to the LOGOS--the intelligent idea behind all things), John 10:20--34FF and John 17:20-24.

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