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A group of people cannot redefine words.
Are you sure they cannot, Thislin? In my experience it happens all the time.
Sure it does, but defining God by using words however they are rearranged is still the intellect immersed in ego rather than spirit.
Whether it be religion or someone who disagrees with religion, to take an opinion and to define that as God is still an opinion and not God.
Without immersing the intellect in spirit the ego will always try to define God into changing meanings using words that have no resonance with Spirit but rather with opinion and belief. Building another Church and a religion by definition is still dogma, and not spirituality.
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BTW, read John 1: In the beginning was the word (referring to the LOGOS--the intelligent idea behind all things), John 10:20--34FF and John 17:20-24.

The Logos refers to God as consciousness uniting the unmanifest with the manifest and it is not an idea. You can have an idea of it, but still that idea or definition will not assimilate the extent of reality, only condense limitation of belief and opinion. The word is the manifestation of the unmanifest in the Aum/OM/Amen or vibratory matrix of consciousness as Universal Mind or God in action, the active absolute. It cannot be condensed into an idea or an opinion either, but ego still tries. The condensation of the Om is what is called illusion in Vedic reference, or the Tree of Good and Evil in Western Religion.

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