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Ellis, et all, GOD within&beyond me just revealed this: While a friendly battle of wits can be an enjoyable experience for all Love-motivated people willing to have a friendly dialogue, keep in mind:
"Always be just, and fair! Never take on people who are half-armed. Let them hoist themselves on their own arrogant petard! Which they will do soon enough."

Good advice!!!! laugh
The God within you and beyond you is divided and still isn't revealing itself in everything you hear, see and do, but continuing to segment reality into Good and evil.
Not the God you keep proclaiming is the real God of everything.

God should treat God as God don'tcha think? As the potential that is God, rather than the limitation and projection that is opinion and belief, or the fear and judgment of more or less "God", being in what you see and experience.

Still a lot of personality in that God of yours, not unlike the jealous or judgmental God so often relegated to religious extremes.
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