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Can you imagine the following?

By making the following simple choice--and that is all that it takes, a choice--one can take, "the road less traveled by" and like the poet said: "make all the difference".

Right now, I make the choice with you: "Beginning now, I choose to live in a state of conscious awareness of all my physical and mental--that is, somatic and psychosomatic--feelings.

I choose to connect with GOD--By the way, atheists, agnostics and others, choose your own word here--the Source of all the knowledge, wisdom, power and Love.

When I do this, my body and mind (soma and the psyche) will then become loving servants--no longer the enemy.

This Self hypnotic approach to a goal is often used by many to achieve wealth, popularity, health and happiness.
Often there is an undercurrent of unconscious thought in belief which sabotages the positive affirmations.
Willing yourself to be ego-less from the ego when one hasn't the experience of being without ego seems similar to willing yourself to be a concert pianist without having ever played the piano doesn't it?

Taking a positive approach can be a great choice but often when one does this on their own and without some kind of reinforcement the opposing thoughts return the awareness to the place of conditioning and habit.
Many have spent a great amount of money with psychologists to try and unravel the many programs of the mind like removing layers of an onion.
A psychologist will tell you that medication and therapy according to their knowledge will be necessary to reveal alternatives to repetitive self defeating thought patterns. Simply willing yourself to be different will not remove the cause but it might address some of the symptoms.
What makes you believe this is going to work Rev.? It hasn't worked for you so far.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!